It all began with  cheesecake and a dream…..  Well – kind of.  Rick loves to make cheesecakes.   They’re so good that friends and family said he should make them for a living.  Isn’t that how a lot of businesses start up anyway?

As a result “Cheesy Guy Cakes” was born around 2003.  A family member even came up with our slogan “Have you had a piece lately?”  We were in business – at least part time.

It was relatively easy to sell to relatives, friends and co-workers.  Not so easy when we attempted our local famer’s market – selling out of coolers under a tent.  It was a huge flop – actually.  Eventually we were sure that the right opportunity would come along for us if we were meant to do this.  Maybe it would be a retirement project someday……

And it did.  To make a long story short – in 2009 before Christmas we went to the farmer’s market to buy cheese (which we also love) – and found our opportunity.  The Cheese business was for sale.   We bought a lot more than cheese that day!   We ended up buying a trailer with full kitchen  and what we needed the most – a refrigerated display case.

In January 2010 Cheesy Guys started up at the St. Catharines Farmers Market. Cheese and cheesecake  together?  Why not?  Our slogan still worked.  “Have you had a piece lately?’ worked well with either product.

It quickly turned from a “retirement project” into a full time passion for us.   Within 3 months Rick left Dofasco (after 37 years)  to be a full time “Cheesy Guy”   Kristine left nearly 20 years of Massage Therapy to join Rick shortly after.

Around 5 years ago, we were approached at the St.Catharines Wine festival by Malivoire Wines and were asked to partner with the winery for events. They kept asking us back for events and we couldn’t say no. Eventually they made us they made us part of the Malivoire family and we havent looked back since. Now we are exclusive with Malivoire Winery on the weekends…until we retire again.

We’ve always been a little Cheesy – we just make money at it now!

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