Our Cheesecakes

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Our Cheesecakes are always fresh- made to order, never frozen! We can make just about anything you desire or dream up. If there is a flavour you would like, just ask! We require a minimum of 3 days notice because our cheesecakes are often baked overnight and aged for maximum flavour.

  • Price in the $35- $40 range

Chocolate All Nighter

It goes in all night & is done in the morning (really). A thick truffle cake with hints of Grand Marnier.

Mocha Mojo 

A taste-a Jamaican heaven. Chocolate, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee & Tia Maria inside. Topped with chocolate & rimmed with chocolate covered coffee beans.


Waste away with authentic key lime flavoured cheesecake topped with “in season berries”.

Classic New York Style

A New York style cheesecake with your choice of seasonal berries and either a chocolate, vanilla or graham cracker crust.

Cheesy Guy Key Lime Pie – $15.00

Authentic key lime pie with a choice of shortbread or graham crust. Also available with cream cheese filing.

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